Welcome Note

Welcome Everyone and thank you for visiting the High School Guidance Page! 

This page is designed to be used as a reference page to help you and your families with any questions as you grow during your academic years at W.H.S. As you can see, there is a list of topics to choose from, for example, there is a topic for each grade level.  In each of those topic areas, you will be able to read a summary of what a year in the life of a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior will look like as well as looking into other topics such as signing up with Mrs. Minnick through Remind, checking dates for the SAT's or Pennsylvania Keystone Exams.  Please  remember that this page is only a guided directory, so if you ever have a question or concern, reach out to me as soon as possible via email, phone or my preferred route, come and see me. My door is always open!  I would be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss or explain what you have questions about or want to know. 
As you progress through each grade level, there will be different events, responsibilities and requirements as students, so again, please refer to the topics listed to assist you with your inquiries, but see me if this page does not answer or satisfy your needs.  Because this is a directory style page, it does not and will never replace the one on one interactions I love to have with my students. I will be calling all students to my office when needed and work with them one on one as much as I can.  Thank you!


Sarah K. Minnick 
High School Guidance Counselor
(570) 427-8521