WASD Building Project

WASD Building Project


Areas of Improvement at the current elementary/middle School:

*Creation of secure building entrances which include office relocation
*Necessary improvements to the current fire alarm system
*Installation/Repair of outside lighting
*Replacement of underground oil tanks
*Refinishing of gym floor and installation of new bleachers
*Replacement of flooring where asbestos is present, and where carpeting needs repair due to wear
*Necessary improvements to HVAC system
*Replace ceiling tiles as needed
*Selective painting as needed
*Installation of portable chair lift
*Masonry work as needed
*Necessary improvements electrical system and lighting
*Repair of the public address/bell system
*Installation of an emergency generator
*Plumbing replacement as needed
*Installation of a new automatic master clock system
*ADA configurations
*Fire rated corridor doors and ADA door hardware

Areas of Improvement at the current high school:

*Creation of secure building entrances which include office modifications
*ADA configurations
*Replacement of underground oil tanks
*Refinish stage floor and replace gym padding
*Replace stage chair lift
*Replace 80 Ton Chiller
*Necessary HVAC upgrades
*Replace the pneumatic control system with a direct digital control system and add head controls
*Installation of an automatic master clock system
*Improvements to the public address system as needed
*Modifications to create restrooms that are ADA compliant
*Installation of ADA door levers
*Media Center
*Science Rooms

Estimated Timeline for the Building Project:

January 2019 - Shop drawings begin
February - May 2019 - Ordering materials and site set-up
June 2019 - Construction begins