WASD Ranks in TEAMS Challenge

Weatherly Students Rank First in State in Division One Design and Building Challenge- TEAMS
Posted on 04/28/2021
Four Sophomores at Weatherly High School competed in the TEAMS challenge virtually, winning first place in the Design and Build Challenge in Division One and third place overall among the Division One teams in Pennsylvania!  Angelina Fewins, Taylor Jones, Brianna Shuman, and Madisyn von Frisch completed all three components of the competition. 
A few weeks before the day of the competition, all teams were required to write an essay titled,  "How can the use of robotics be expanded to address this imbalance of supply and demand as a result of the pandemic". 
On the day of the competition, the team was given a multiple-choice test on eight selected scenarios which included, "Communicating in a Pandemic", "Engineering Vaccine Distribution", "Manufacturing and the Supply Chain", "Animals in the Pandemic", "Engineering Drones for Contactless Deliveries", "Design, Epidemiology, and Contact Tracing", Artificial Intelligence for Human Monitoring", and "The Working Engineer in Quarantine".
The last component was the design and building challenge.  The team was given a list of 14 household items to collect before the competition, to be used in the design and build challenge. On competition day, the team was given two hours and 10 minutes to use their items to move a paper towel two feet, into a box, without touching it! Weatherly's team placed first in this component in Division One and fourth among all teams in all Divisions in PA!

TEAMS (Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science) is a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) competition held each year that challenges middle school and high school student teams to collaborate as a team to learn about and solve real-world engineering challenges. To do this, students need to apply their math and science knowledge in practical, creative ways.  

This competition helps students increase their knowledge about engineering and increase their ability to work with others to solve complex problems in the STEM field. The team, and their coach, Dr. Katie Leach, would like to thank William Moyer and Madeline Zink for their help preparing for the competition, Dave Cooper for proctoring the competition, and Tracy Earhart for creating the team picture. 

TEAMS Competition 2021.jpg