My Role as a Freshman

Congratulations, you made it across the street and into the High School!  :) 

This is the year that you not only become acclimated with a new building and schedule, but also getting to know your new teachers, and performing on the high school level.  This is a great year to prepare for what is coming ahead.  During this school year, as a student, you will be taking one or more of the Pennsylvania Keystone exams, participating in your class's Study Island Benchmarks, taking a tour to the Carbon Career and Technical Institute, and will have the chance to choose your own schedule for the next school year.  This is an exciting year of all new things to do and new things to come.  I will be reaching out to you from time to time in regards to different events or activities.  Good luck and please see me if you need anything or have any questions! Below is a short list of what you may be participating in academically as a Freshman.

Carbon Career and Technical Institute (CCTI) tour
Winter Pennsylvania Keystone Exams
Study Island Bench-marking
Spring Pennsylvania Keystone Exams