High School Guidance

Announcements from the High School Guidance Office

  • There is a free SAT Prep course and ACT Prep course available online. Please see flyers on the counter in the office if you are interested.
  • Various college's will have representatives visiting. Any student who would like to meet with a representative may look at the list and sign-up prior to the day they are visiting in Mrs. Minnick's Office.


Please email Mrs. Minnick to gain access to the new "Guidance Counselor News" Google Classroom page! This new page has information needed as your students’ progress through the W.H.S grades, 9-12. 

"Topic" areas such as ACT's, ASVABS, Credit Checks, FAFSA, Keystones, PSAT's, Remind, SAT's, Scholarships, and more are all available with informational criteria, for example, what is a specific topic? Does my student need to do that? What grade level is assigned to these topics, and also when are important dates needed for particular topic areas such as the ACT's, ASVABS, Keystones, PSAT's and SAT's?

This new Google Classroom page was designed to help the students and their parents/guardians become more aware of what they can be or need to be participating in as they grow and prepare for their future after high school.  Each grade level is marked appropriately so the viewers are directed each school year as their student moves up.  Because this page is new, there are going to be adjustments and alterations as Mrs. Minnick adapts the page over time.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. 
For access to your student's "Guidance Counselor News" Google Classroom page, please email Mrs. Minnick at: minnicks@weatherlysd.org
Thank you!